Vacuum Residue

Our vacuum residue is a valuable byproduct obtained through the refining process. It finds application as a feedstock in other industries, such as petrochemicals and power generation.

This table shows the Vacuumed Residue specifications with the associated test methods, results, and reference standards:

Penetration @25C, 100g, 5sBS EN 1426290> 200 mm/10
Ductility @25C, 50mm/minEN 13589150> 100 Cm
Viscosity @135C, RotationalEN ISO 3219130> 100 Cp
Flash Point, Cleveland, open CupEN ISO 2592306> 250 °C
Solubility in TolueneEN 1259299.8> 99 %
Softening Point, Ring and BallEN 114273330 – 40 °C
Water Content, DistillationISO 9029Nil< 0.5 %