Our Production Department comprises two state-of-the-art units, each equipped with exceptional capabilities to meet diverse demands and ensure unparalleled quality. Let’s delve into the specifics:
First Unit: Operating at a capacity of 500 tons per day, our first unit sets the foundation for our production excellence. With meticulous precision and advanced processes, this unit plays a vital role in delivering exceptional products to our esteemed clients.
Second Unit: Our second unit, boasting an impressive operating capacity of 1500 tons per day, elevates our production capabilities to new heights. Through cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence, this unit enables us to meet high-volume demands without compromising on quality.
Both units rely on premium fuel oil as the primary source of nutrition, harnessing its energy to craft an array of superior products that cater to various industries. Our commitment to innovation and quality shines through in the four key products we produce:
1. Heavy Gas Oil: A high-performance fuel product renowned for its exceptional combustion properties and optimal energy efficiency.
2. Light Oiling Lubricating Oil: A specialized lubricant designed to reduce friction and enhance the performance of precision machinery and automotive engines.
3. Heavy Lubricating Oil: Engineered for heavy-duty applications, our heavy lubricating oil provides optimal lubrication and protection for industrial machinery operating under demanding conditions.
4. Asphalt: Our comprehensive range of asphalt includes three distinct types:
Asphalt 40-50: A premium-grade bitumen product known for its excellent workability and durability.
• Asphalt 60-70: High-quality bitumen that offers exceptional resistance to rutting and cracking.
• Asphalt 50-70: A versatile bitumen product suitable for a wide range of applications, including road surfacing, airport runways, and industrial flooring.
In addition to these core products, we also produce Cutback, Polymer Asphalt, and Vacuum Distillation Residues. These offerings are designed to meet specific industry requirements and deliver outstanding performance in their respective applications.