Electric Power Generation

Generator Unit:
We boast a fleet of eight diesel generators, including six generators with a capacity of KVA7600 and two generators with a capacity of KVA500. Each generator is designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation for our operations. The seamless coordination between these generators is facilitated by an advanced automatic synchronization system, enabling them to work in unison.
This synchronized setup empowers our generators to supply continuous power round the clock, supporting the energy demands of our entire facility and production units. Furthermore, our generators are equipped with ample reserves to meet any emergencies or future expansion plans, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and operational efficiency.

National Electricity Connection:
In addition to our internal power generation capabilities, we have established a robust connection to the national power grid. Our factory is seamlessly linked to the national power line through a dedicated feed line from the national electricity grid, operating at a voltage of 11kV.
This connection serves as a reliable backup and supplementary power source, further bolstering our commitment to uninterrupted operations and sustainable energy practices. By integrating both internal power generation and national grid connection, we ensure a reliable and efficient power supply that supports our diverse operational requirements.
At Kari Diyar, we prioritize the stability and continuity of power supply to fuel our production processes. Our advanced generator unit, complemented by the national electricity connection, forms a robust foundation for seamless operations, enabling us to deliver exceptional products and services without compromise.