At Kari Diyar, our unloading division plays a vital role in receiving the essential fuel oil feed for our plant operations. The unloading system is designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, ensuring a seamless process. Let’s explore the unloading platforms at our plant:
1. First Platform: This platform is equipped with four pumps, enabling the simultaneous unloading of up to eight tankers. With this efficient setup, we ensure a swift and streamlined unloading process, optimizing our operational efficiency.
2. Second Platform: Our second platform features two pumps, capable of unloading up to six tankers simultaneously. This setup further enhances our unloading capabilities, ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of fuel oil to our plant.

Overall Unloading Capacity: Collectively, our unloading division boasts an impressive total unloading capacity of 465 cubic meters per hour. This substantial capacity enables us to receive a significant volume of fuel oil efficiently, supporting our uninterrupted production processes.

At Kari Diyar, we prioritize efficient and reliable unloading operations. With our state-of-the-art unloading platforms and advanced pumping systems, we ensure a smooth transition of fuel oil from tankers to our plant, guaranteeing uninterrupted production and optimal performance.