Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment Department is dedicated to ensuring the optimal quality and conservation of water resources. We employ advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability. Let’s explore the key components of our water treatment processes:

Desalination Unit:
Within our production units, we have implemented a state-of-the-art desalination unit. This unit is designed to efficiently treat water from wells, neutralizing acidic and alkaline properties while reducing the salinity levels. By implementing this process, we safeguard our plant equipment from the potentially damaging effects of corrosive water. The desalination unit has a design capacity of 16 cubic meters per hour, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality water for our operations.

Industrial Water Processing Unit:
At Kari Diyar, we place significant importance on responsible water usage and environmental preservation. Our Industrial Water Processing Unit plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals. This unit employs the latest techniques to treat industrial water, allowing us to efficiently recycle and reuse water within our production units. By implementing advanced methods, we minimize water wastage and reduce the environmental impact associated with our operations. This commitment to recycling and preserving water resources aligns with our dedication to sustainable practices.