At our Kari Diyar plant, our Warehouse Department plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient loading and distribution of our products. With four truck loading outlets, we offer seamless loading capabilities for specific products, each with its own designated loading capacity. Let’s explore the loading capacities for each outlet:
1. Asphalt Loading: Our asphalt loading outlet boasts a capacity of 60 cubic meters per hour. With this efficient loading system, we can swiftly and accurately load trucks with our high-quality asphalt products, meeting the demands of our customers.
2. Heavy Lube Oil Loading: For our heavy lube oil products, we have a loading outlet with a remarkable capacity of 223 cubic meters per hour. This ensures fast and precise loading of trucks with our premium heavy lube oil, catering to the needs of various industries and applications.
3. Light Lube Oil Loading: Our light lube oil loading outlet offers a capacity of 133 cubic meters per hour. This allows for swift and reliable loading of trucks with our exceptional light lube oil products, meeting the requirements of our valued customers.
4. Heavy Gas Oil Loading: With a loading capacity of 72 cubic meters per hour, our heavy gas oil loading outlet ensures efficient and timely loading of trucks with our superior heavy gas oil products. This capability enables us to meet the demands of various industries with ease.

At Kari Diyar, we prioritize the seamless loading and distribution of our products. With our Warehouse Department’s robust infrastructure and strategically designed truck loading outlets, we guarantee efficient operations and prompt delivery of our high-quality products to our esteemed customers.