Boiler and Compressors

Within our facility, the Boiler and Compressors Department plays a crucial role in supporting our operations with reliable air pressure and steam generation. Let’s explore the key components of this department:

Air Pressure Unit: Comprised of eight electric compressors, our Air Pressure Unit ensures a steady supply of compressed air for various applications. Each compressor has a capacity of providing 729 cubic ft per minute and is driven by a robust 160 kW electric motor. With this setup, we guarantee a consistent and efficient source of compressed air to meet the demands of our production processes.
Steam Pressure Unit: Our Steam Pressure Unit serves as a vital component for multiple processes, including vacuum distillation. To facilitate this, we have three steam boilers capable of generating 30 tons per hour of steam. These boilers operate at a pressure of 8 bar, delivering the necessary steam for our process requirements. Additionally, this unit also supports the operation of our Hydraulic Heater, which plays a crucial role in heating raw material tanks and asphalt for seamless transportation and loading purposes.
Heat Transfer Oil Heating Unit: For maintaining optimal temperatures of stored materials in tanks, our Heat Transfer Oil Heating Unit operates seamlessly. This integrated unit utilizes carrier oil heat to efficiently heat the materials to the desired temperatures. By ensuring precise temperature control, we safeguard the quality and integrity of the stored materials, facilitating smooth operations across our production processes.

At Kari Diyar, our Boiler and Compressors Department is committed to providing reliable and efficient systems that support our operations. By employing advanced equipment and technology, we maintain the necessary air pressure, steam generation, and precise temperature control for a seamless and productive manufacturing environment.