Product Details

At Kari Diyar Plant, we take great pride in our wide range of exceptional products, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clients. Our commitment to quality and innovation shines through in every offering.

Explore our impressive lineup of products:

1. Heavy Gas Oil:
Description: Our heavy gas oil is a high-quality fuel product with excellent combustion properties and optimal energy efficiency. It finds application in various industrial sectors, including power generation and heavy machinery.

2. Light Lubricating Oil:
Description: Our light lubricating oil is specifically formulated to provide superior lubrication and reduce friction in precision machinery and automotive engines. It ensures smooth operation, enhanced performance, and extended equipment lifespan.

3. Heavy Lubricating Oil:
Description: Engineered for heavy-duty applications, our heavy lubricating oil offers exceptional viscosity and thermal stability. It provides optimal lubrication and protection for large-scale machinery and industrial equipment operating under demanding conditions.

4. Asphalt 40-50:
Description: Our asphalt 40-50 is a premium-grade bitumen product renowned for its excellent workability and durability. It is commonly used in road construction and infrastructure projects, delivering superior performance in various climates and traffic conditions.

5. Asphalt 60-70:
Description: Our asphalt 60-70 is a high-quality bitumen product that offers exceptional resistance to rutting and cracking. It is widely used in asphalt pavements, providing long-lasting durability and superior performance even under heavy traffic loads.

6. Asphalt 50-70:
Description: Our asphalt 50-70 strikes a perfect balance between workability and performance. It is a versatile bitumen product suitable for a range of applications, including road surfacing, airport runways, and industrial flooring.

7. CutBack:
Description: Our CutBack asphalt is a specially formulated product that combines bitumen with a solvent for easy application and rapid curing. It offers excellent adhesion and flexibility, making it ideal for various road maintenance and repair projects.

8. Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB):
Description: Our Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) is a high-performance asphalt product enhanced with polymer additives. It delivers exceptional strength, flexibility, and resistance to deformation, making it suitable for demanding road surfaces and extreme weather conditions.

9. Vacuum Residue:
Description: Our vacuum residue is a valuable byproduct obtained through the refining process. It finds application as a feedstock in other industries, such as petrochemicals and power generation.

We ensure that each product leaving our factory adheres to the highest quality standards, undergoes rigorous testing, and meets the specific requirements of our discerning clients. Choose Kari Diyar Plant for reliable, top-quality products that drive success in your projects.