At Kari Diyar, our Storage Division is meticulously designed and constructed to provide reliable and secure storage for both feed materials and various products. Our depot features a range of tanks, built to the highest standards such as API, ASME, and ASTM. Let’s delve into the details of our storage capabilities:

Depot Capacity: Our depot consists of 23 tanks, with capacities ranging from 1000 cubic meters up to 3000 cubic meters each. These spacious tanks ensure ample storage space for our materials and products, enabling us to meet the demands of our customers effectively.
Piping Network: To facilitate seamless transfer of products, our depot boasts a robust piping network. This network is meticulously designed and capable of handling various transfer requirements, ensuring efficient and smooth operations.

Storage Capacities: Each loading has dedicated storage capacities for specific products, ensuring proper organization and efficient management:
Heavy Gas Oil Storage: Our depot provides a storage capacity of 3,600 cubic meters for heavy gas oil, ensuring an ample supply of this essential product.
• Heavy Lube Oil Storage: With a storage capacity of 7,000 cubic meters, our depot caters to the storage needs of heavy lube oil, guaranteeing a reliable inventory.
• Light Lube Oil Storage: Our depot offers a substantial storage capacity of 135,000 cubic meters for light lube oil, ensuring a sufficient stock to meet market demands.
• Asphalt Storage: For asphalt, we have three open ponds with a total capacity of 38,000 cubic meters, providing adequate storage space for this essential product.
• Fuel Oil Storage: Our depot has a substantial fuel oil storage capacity of 39,000 cubic meters, ensuring a secure and reliable supply of fuel for our operations.

Advanced Gauging System: To monitor our tank levels accurately, each tank in our depot is equipped with a sophisticated computerized automatic gauging system. Additionally, radar systems are employed to measure the liquid levels, ensuring precise monitoring and control.