Our Maintenance Section is dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation and reliability of our equipment and facilities. With a focus on both electrical and mechanical systems, our team works diligently to maintain optimal functionality. Let’s explore the key components of our Maintenance Section:

Electrical Department:
The Electrical Department serves as the backbone for addressing technical issues across our production units and facilities. Our team of skilled professionals utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and tools to troubleshoot and resolve any electrical concerns. With a commitment to the highest standards, we ensure that our electrical systems are in top condition, supporting uninterrupted operations and safety.

Maintenance Department:
Within our Maintenance Department, we have specialized units that provide comprehensive maintenance services to various aspects of our operations:
1. General Maintenance Unit: This unit specializes in mechanical services, catering to mechanical issues across production units, processing units, and other ancillary units. Our highly trained experts utilize their expertise and the best available equipment to deliver efficient solutions.
2. Welding Unit: Equipped with an advanced cadre of skilled welders, this unit offers installation, maintenance, and other welding-related services. With extensive experience in the field, we ensure the highest quality standards while utilizing the best tools and techniques.

Our Maintenance Section also takes responsibility for constructing any necessary infrastructure and modifications required by the planning body. Additionally, we prioritize the preparation of a comprehensive spare parts list for all equipment involved in the production process, ensuring timely availability and minimizing downtime.